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This document is based on a previous document detailing installation for version 6.10 (http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc/install/ubuntu/auth-server). Prior to installing WiFiDog I had never used or installed Linux. These instructions may help others do this for the first time and save some of the time I spent learning the basics. These are step by step instructions to install Ubuntu Linux Server V10.04.1 which can be downloaded here.
I used the 32 bit version because I was unsure of 64 bit compatibility with the other software required.

Ubuntu Installation Process

Download the Ubuntu CD image and burn it to CD.

I am installing it on a dedicated computer and all data on the computer will be lost as I install Ubuntu.

Put the CD in the drive and boot from the CD.
In this example the server will initially get an IP address from a DHCP server on the network.

The following is a summary of the text mode setup screens.
The screen title or prompt is on the left, my response is on the right. Items in parenthesis are status screens from the installation process.

  • Language – English (for me)
  • Install Ubuntu Server
  • Language – English again.
  • My Location - United States
  • Detect keyboard layout – No
  • Origin of keyboard - USA
  • Keyboard layout - USA
  • (Detecting hardware / scanning CD ROM, Loading…)
  • Hostname – WiFiDogAuth
  • (Get Time from server)
  • Is this Correct – Yes
  • Partition Disks – use entire disk and set up LVM
  • Select disk – SCSI1 (It’s the only one)
  • Partition disks – Yes (This is where you wipe everything out)
  • Partition Disks – Yes
  • Partition size – I used the whole thing
  • Partition Disks – Yes
  • (Formats hard drive)
  • (Installs Ubuntu base system), this takes a while
  • Full name Jim xxxxxx
  • Username – jim (it’s my name)
  • Password – xxxxxx
  • Password – xxxxxx
  • Encrypt home directory – No
  • Http proxy – leave blank
  • (Configuring apt)
  • Select and Install Software – Install security updates automatically
  • Software selection [X] Open SSH server only. (I chose to install the other required components after the basic installation. You could probably install them here.)
  • (Select and install software), this takes a while
  • Install the GRUB boot loader – yes
  • Installation Complete!
  • Remove the CD and continue.
  • (Server reboots)

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